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“Technology is not just a tool. It can give learners a voice that they may not have had before.”

Hello All!

This is the first post on my new blog. Please enjoy a short VoiceThread all about me and my life, but you can also check out my “About Me” section located on the main menu to learn more about the blog and me (and the class).


I used VoiceThread to introduce myself for not only its visual aspect, but also the app’s ability to include an audio element to the presentation as well. VoiceThread is very user friendly. While I have used a couple times before for voice responses in other grad classes, I was not aware you could add visuals. I did struggle to get more than one picture in the slide, as is evident in the VoiceThread itself. I also mention my difficulty with the picture format in the presentation. From what I have seen in the program, adding multiple photos in a slide is possible, but I was unable to produce that within the slideshow. That was about the only real issue I had with the app.

In terms of classroom use, I can see the advantages and disadvantages of using VoiceThread with students. A disadvantage is that the platform is not totally free if the users want to do more than comment. Like most education tech, for advanced content creation, there are fees involved. This may or may not effect how I use this tool in the classroom. A massive advantage though, is that VoiceThread allows free audio commenting for users, all they need to do is sign up. This opens up a world of possibilities for digital discussion in the classroom. The platform can allow students that may be hesitant in large (and small) group discussions a way to participate in class discussions that is less invasive. Another advantage is that the platform puts the replies and discussion back on the students. I love that kind student accountability! I can definitely see myself using VoiceThread in my classroom.

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Amanda Dickenson