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Hello All!

My name is Amanda Dickenson and I am the creator and conspiratorial of this technology-focused blog for teachers.

I am currently (well, almost currently) a high school English Language Arts teacher for a Title I school just south of Atlanta. Come August, it will be my first (full-time) teaching year. I will be teaching 3 blocks of 11th Grade American Literature. I know, that is a lot of American Lit, but I am pumped! I love me some American Lit!

Oddly enough, I actually worked for Girl Scouts in the Outdoor Education department, teaching windsurfing, sailing, and outdoor skills. Teaching has always been a part of my life, so I decided to embrace it and bring my unique teaching background to the classroom. I hold my BA in English Studies from Kennesaw State University (Class of ’13) and currently, I am working on my MAT in Secondary English Education (graduating in July 2019), also from Kennesaw State.

With all that said, this blog aims to help guide, not only me, but also any other new or seasoned teacher through the maze and confusion that is the use of technology in the ELA classroom. Personally, the mere thought terrifies me. Often feel frustrated with technology in my own life, so bringing new tech to my classroom and curriculum adds another layer of anxiety to the mix. The ELA curriculum is often antiquated (in terms of the technology used), because it usually invisible in lessons. But, again, this bog aims to help elevate that frustration by talking through my tech learning journey, as well as figuring out what works and what needs more attention when using technology in my classroom.

So come on this journey with me!


(My feelings on tech, as well as the song from my pic quote) 🙂

Amanda Dickenson